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The worlds smallest eye emergency department

Cederroths new eye wash station has been designed to allow you to help out as quickly as possible. The station has space for two bottles which open automatically when you twist them out of their brackets.

The bottles are designed to allow you to rinse your eye with a good flow of liquid 1½ minutes. They have the longest shelf life on the market at 4½ years.

Hygienic door

A transparent door with rubber edges protects the bottles against dust and dirt, which means that you can install it even in the toughest of environments.

Buffered Liquid

Specially formulated liquid works to neutralise alkali and acid quicker than normal sodium chloride solutions.

Extra compartments

A compartment for plasters and another for additional products of your choice such as bloodstoppers etc.

Code        Description

CD30        Eye wash station with pilferproof plaster dispenser

CD15       500ml Cederroth Eye Wash



Sterile Fabric Plasters (CD6)


Sterile washproof plasters (CD5)




Eye Wash Instructions


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