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Silk Tape

A silk finished, non stretch, water repellent, hypo-allergenic tape that’s porous and allows the skin to breathe through it.

Code                 Description         Size (cm/m)

4581P-SGL    Single                    1.25 x 5

4582P-SGL    Single                    2.5 x 5

4583P-SGL    Single                    5 x 5

4586P-SGL    Single                    1.25 x 10

4587P-SGL    Single                    2.5 x 10

4588P-SGL    Single                    5 x 10

Transparent Tape

A hypo-allergenic surgical tape made from a transparent film.

Code              Description             Size (cm/m)

6864-SGL    Single                       1.25 x 9

6865-SGL    Single                       2.5 x 9

6866-SGL    Single                       5 x 9

6867-SGL    Single                       7.5 x 9

Silk Tape

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